Mmusi Maimane, the leader of  Democratic Alliance (DA) is married to a very beautiful lady. Much is not known about Maimane’s wife because the couple keep a low profile when it comes to their private life.

Lots of people in South Africa still don’t know enough about them, so we’re going to put together some interesting facts.

First and foremost, let’s delve into Maimane’s private life, namely, his wife. Her name is Natalie and they met at church.

According to the DA leader;

”Naturally, I was attracted to my wife, and as our courtship progressed, our attraction became based on common values. To say I did not see she was “white” and she did not see I was “black” would be disingenuous, but we were able to look past this… But mostly, it was important for us to be with each other – not fight a cause, not prove a point, but simply be.”

The two have known each other for years – they have already been married for more than a decade now. Natalie looks like the proudest supporter out there.

IN May 2015, She posted on her twitter handle;

Early on in their relationship, the couple was at a family funeral which ended up showing Mmusi that his wife had been welcomed into the family and that his family “didn’t see her through the colour of her skin.

Maimane said;

”My wife and a cousin of mine stood in a line to get food after the processions. In the black culture, in events like funerals, all women have to be working either helping in the kitchen or anywhere there maybe a shortage of hands. My grandmother arrived to give both my cousin and my wife a tongue lashing, that they stood in the queue while everybody was working.”

Mmusi and Natalie have two children, Kgalaletso Maimane, Kgosi Maimane. He often takes his daughter, the older of the two, to work with him.

He said;

”My kids must be engaged with issues that concern South Africans. So I take my daughter, because she is a bit older now. We go to informal settlements…I want her there. She must know, the world has multiple variants.”