The Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema seems to be more determined to see the end of the governing ANC than just the end of Zuma alone.

Having allegedly succeeded in winning the hearts of about sixty ANC members against Pres. Zuma, ahead of the No- confidence vote, the CIC seems to be getting close to his political aspiration which is being the president of South Africa.

It’s been four years after the Economic Freedom fighters was formed. The party was formed in 2013 after Malema was evicted from the ruling ANC.

The party leader Julius Malema has come to say that his party is more than ready to take over leadership position from the ANC come 2019 general elections.

Malema expressed confidence that the EFF was now strong enough to rule South Africa from 2019.

Malema said the EFF began to regain its political strength after it successfully led a campaign to have Zuma pay back money for non-security upgrades at his Nkandla homestead and managed to become the kingmaker in three major metros where the ANC was unceremoniously removed from power.

“One of the statements I used to utter in the beginning was, ‘I don’t preside over failed projects,” Malema boasted.

Speaking about people’s notion of the Malema effect which posed a big challenge for the fighters at the early stage, Malema said his party, the EFF has now grown far beyond  the Malema phenomenon as  the party leaders are now recognised in their own right,” he insisted again this week, saying that he had stepped back from the running of projects and day-to-day operational activities.

Malema also said that he had stepped back from the running of projects and day-to-day operational activities and that now, the organisation “has assumed a life of its own and it is now running without me.”