The Economic Freedom Fighters Leader Julius Malema has once again launched a must read attack on Pres. Jacob Zuma. The EFF leader revealed where South Africa should expect Pres. Zuma after 2019.

Malema was addressing students in Durban on Tuesday. He was speaking at the University of KwaZulu-Natal at the start of the EFF’s build-up to their fourth birthday celebrations‚ which will held in the coastal city on Saturday.

The CIC told Nkandla residents who think they have Pres. Zuma as a neighbour best think again. The truth is‚ he’s going to Dubai.

“That man is no longer their neighbour because he’s moving to Dubai and will spend all your money in Dubai. In 2019 you will be left with us and they all will be in Dubai‚” said Malema.

Malema also took a swipe at the controversial Gupta family‚ saying they had pocketed no less than R50-billion‚ and that they were taking it to the UAE while South Africans suffer in poverty.


Juju said the EFF was fighting for free education and that he was happy the ANC took this call seriously during its national policy conference that education should be free for all.

He urged students to go back to class and pass “with flying colours” and not be permanent students like Sasco.