Anyone who disagrees with the Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema apparently gets fired, and the women leaders in the party ‘never’ stand up to him.

Those are the Words of fearless poet Ntsiki Mazwai.

The poet was criticising EFF leader for apparently acting like a dictator. Though reports say Mazwai fought with Malema on Sunday, the poet said that was not the case.

“No I didn’t [fight with Malema]. He had a rant because I said eff is not Julius…and it’s not,” she said.

Malema was wrong for personally attacking Mazwai when all she did was state the facts on politics, not Malema as an individual. The poet said, as a citizen of South Africa, she had every right to engage politics and ask questions, the same way everyone did with the ANC.

However, Malema’s “rant” proved he was “being a bully and dictator, qha!”

Malema has shown us all that “he will be worse than Zuma. He will never listen to anybody but himself. That’s deep”.


The poet said there was a difference between a leader and a bully, and the EFF leader was proving to be the latter.

“Everybody who disagrees with Malema gets fired from EFF,” she claimed.

“I think EFF needs to zone in on leadership..leadership not positions..EFF is a beautiful movement but must be represented by such leaders,” she said.

Mazwai further said she had long been asking about a women’s command in the EFF, to no avail. In fact, she was convinced women in the EFF did not stand up to their leader.

“Leigh-Ann Mathys, since the inception of EFF I have been shouting about wanting you women in the forefront. You are truly astonishing me now,” said Mazwai.