Former president Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane Zuma, on Monday night revealed his willingness to enter the political arena at whatever level people were willing to allow.

Speaking as a guest on SABC 3’s Trending SA show, Zuma said he thought everyone should have some involvement in politics.

He said “I mean, we all have opinions and we all have views that have been shaped by our experiences and our environments so we all wanna make a difference. For me having an interest in politics, that is most certainly a yes. At whichever level, that is for people to decide”.

“Where I can make a difference, where I believe I can have a big impact, I certainly will, and if it is something people are willing to give me an opportunity to do, I will deliver”.

Zuma was responding to a question about an announcement that was something big planned when he returned from Dubai, where he currently stays. He touched on politics, business and what to expect from his future ventures during the prime time interview.

The advertisement for his guest appearance on the show, which described him as an accomplished businessman, earlier sparked a furore on Twitter.

When told his name had trended, Zuma said he was glad because it was the right platform. He said “I’m happy about that, regardless of the (reason for) trending – whether it’s positive or negative. I must thank you guys for having me on the show. I know it is a bold step you have taken”.

Duduzane said a lot of people were very sceptical about having a frank discussion or facing an uncomfortable situation head-on.

“At this point, people say what they need to say and people drag you guys (the media). I’m not sure how you feel about it. I think it is unnecessary. If that is the case, that is an unnecessary move.”

When asked why he was living in Dubai, he hit backwith a question of his own.

“I’m not allowed to be here?” he said before hinting on travelling to the country this week.

“People don’t understand the reason why I moved out of South Africa. That is why I have spoken about my constitutional rights being trampled on,” Zuma said, adding that people were entitled to have their own opinions.

Duduzane was also asked what advice he would give to his father, and whether he would counsel Zuma senior to appear before the Zondo Commission for the sake of the country and his children.

The former president is set to appear before the commission in November and the commission is reportedly also looking into his children’s finances.

The younger Zuma said his father was an independent person and would make whatever decision he thought best. “He deals with the issues in his own life differently to other people … I think my advice to him is to do what he needs to do. He understands the background and the issues he is facing.”

Asked why he was throwing his weight behind former eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede, who is facing criminal charges, Zuma said he has respect for her and believed she would win the case. “From my side, it was to show support to her and me say there are constitutional approaches and certain constitutional rights …”

He also noted that a lot of people were celebrating the spate of recent corruption-related arrests by the Hawks. “If we deal with corruption, let’s deal with corruption in a correct manner. Let’s not arrest people and charge people without having due the processes that lead up to the arrest and investigations not properly done and in some instances charge sheets not formulated.”

He said people should not be treated unfairly.

Zuma also clarified that he did not own any social media accounts. He said “There are some social media accounts that exist out there that purport to be myself. I have been on record on numerous times. My lawyer has stated it in courts of law”.

He added that “We stated that whatever presence out there and commentary should not be attributed to be because that is not me on any social media. I absolutely have no presence.”