Julius Malema’s Part, The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has lambasted SA men for making violent abuse and murder of women a tradition.

Speaking on the painful death of 22-year-old Karabo Mokoena, EFF said party members are downhearted due to the murder.

Reports have it that the murder accused ex-boyfriend had been physically abusing her when they were together.

EFF sent heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Karabo Mokoena.

Malema’s party accused South African men have grown accustomed to the violent abuse and murder of women. Only a culture that hates women would treat them with so much disdain and violence, the party lamented.

EFF asserted that it’s not cool to perceive women as possessions and tools for men’s sexual pleasure.

The party called on the state to ensure that the killer of Karabo Mokoena does not get bail and that he rots in jail.


EFF urged SA women to disengage from abusive men. “Let society isolate and shame all the abusive, murderous patriarchs until patriarchy falls,” EFF opined.