The ANC is very unlikely to be invited to the national convention that opposition groupings are planning in a bid to change South Africa’s governance and policy directions.

During a meeting of opposition leaders at the Burgers Park Hotel in Pretoria two weeks ago‚ attended by the DA‚ EFF‚ IFP‚ UDM‚ ACDP and APC‚ only UDM leader Bantu Holomisa spoke in favour of inviting the ANC.

The strongest opposition to inviting the ruling party was voiced by the ACDP‚ the DA and the EFF.

The national convention is proposed to deal with what the opposition views as unprecedented constitutional‚ economic‚ social and governmental crises plaguing South Africa currently.

Opposition parties are currently finalising the problem statement‚ which will guide the convention‚ focusing on strengthening the constitution and the rule of law‚ strengthening economic growth and investment to drive poverty alleviation‚ improved education and a shared vision on land reform‚ among others.

The spirit of last week’s talks was characterised as very productive and conducive to opposition cooperation in the 2019 general elections‚ with strong bonds of personal trust continuing to develop between opposition leaders.

Policy matters for discussion are beginning to emerge‚ with the EFF specifically insistent upon the land issue‚ but formal policy talks have not yet started.

The opposition parties are planning a massive show of force outside parliament on the day of the motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma‚ starting with a wake the night before.

Sources in the EFF have stated to the Sunday Times that the party remained between a rock and a hard place‚ being very uncomfortable with both the DA and the ANC‚ but that the party continues to favour the DA as the lesser of two evils – “a case of the colonialist over the corrupt” as one insider termed it.

“We are in a sh*t position‚” claimed another.

The EFF continues to harbour a grouping opposed to dealing with the DA‚ as the DA contends with a grouping within itself opposed to cooperating with the EFF – especially in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal – but the extreme positions in both parties are seen to be weakening.

“I am evangelical about cooperation. We will make this thing work‚” said a DA insider.