‘If Zille did a Zwelithini, she would likely be arrested for treason or sedition, and her government would be placed under national administration’

Is there anyone who has done half of what Julius Malema has done and still walks around freely?

Do not for one single moment imagine that Ramaphosa would go on bended knee before Zille; or that the minister of local government and traditional affairs would hastily announce that whatever final outcome parliament would arrive at, the citizens of the Western Cape would be exempt from its provisions.

But, more or less that was the outcome when the King of the Zulus threatened secession. The Ingonyama Trust was described by Barney Mthombothi as “a lucrative money-making scheme for (King) Zwelithini … at worst it is a state within a state: (Zwelithini) controls the land, people pay taxes to him.”

But after his imbizo threatened to pull out of the country, or declare war, he was given a free pass: whatever the outcome of the current debate on land reform and expropriation, King and Trust would be exempt from the new deal.