The Economic Freedom Fighters’ lord is 36-years-old today. Lots of South Africans believe it’s a special day for the Economic Emancipation Movement in South Africa, Africa and the world at large.

In a statement, EFF wished Julius Malema a “revolutionary birthday” proclaiming him a giant born to advance African Revolution.

“It is a special day because…a giant was born for the historic task of advancing the African Revolution.

“Since his day of birth, he has grown to be the catalyst force behind the unfolding inevitable future of economic freedom and total emancipation of African people,” said the Fighters.

The Fighters expressed “deep appreciation” to Juju’s family and wife saying they have over the years, allowed the “son of the soil to live for the cause of freedom for our people.

“We thank them because even as they love him and embrace him, because of the revolution, they too sacrifice that he may be always be present to command our picket-lines of revolutionary change,” they said.

To the Fighters, Juju has been living his life to advance the humanity of black people.

“His name already stands in the same shining light as that of many African revolutionaries across the world.

“Like the names of Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, and Steven Biko, the name Julius Malema represents an unapologetic struggle for the absolute emancipation of African people.

“…On behalf of all fighters and all South Africans, we salute the CIC and wish him a long life. We wish that our mission may be true with him; that he may arrive with us all to the promise land of economic freedom in our lifetime,” read an excerpt of the EFF statement.

The statement further said: “…we wish him well in his studies and express great pride that despite the work of building our revolution, he has managed to advance his academic achievements.

“This journey represents humility and love for knowledge that lacks amongst many leaders. “Long Live Moshabi, Long Live!”