Gwede Mantashe is a South African politician, who currently serves as the Secretary General of the African National Congress. He is also a former chairperson of the South African Communist Party.

The ANC Secretary General is fed up with how ‘white monopoly capital’ has been made complex, but still thinks the ANC can be revitalised.

Friday morning, Gwede Mantashe, the current secretary-general of the ANC, announced that he would not be contesting any leadership position in the future citing the level of corruption and untreated cases in the ruling party. He went on to offer the ruling party a roadmap to recovery.

The SG was addressing the South African Communist Party (SACP) at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg. He said the ruling party is gradually getting out of hand.

Mantashe told SAPC delegates that there were low-hanging fruit the ANC could take advantage of in order to renew the movement in the run-up to the 2019 elections.

He said that the ANC need to accept that mistakes have happened within the ANC. The ANC must publicly commit itself to working to correcting that . We must follow what we say with concrete action; we must be seen to be dealing with corruption without being emotional and excited he said.

Mantashe also warned the delegates about what he called the “vulgarisation of the revolution”.

“There is an attempt to vulgarise monopoly capital debate; today vocabulary talks about white monopoly capital. It is vulgarisation of the revolution. We then use that vulgarised terminology to deal with each other. If you partner with a white partner, every time you correct us we will say you partner with white monopoly wena. The Whites are not our problem. Thula [shut up],” he told delegates.

He also told delegates that the ANC has a propensity for “making silly mistakes”. He pointed out that one of those mistakes was to shut the door on the ANC stalwarts’ request that the policy conference discuss the status of the movement.

Mantashe also told the gathering the ANC ought to deal with “the trust deficit between society and itself”. He said this was necessary as the ANC always proclaims itself the leader of society.

Mantashe offered a solution for dealing with corruption.

There is no formula of dealing with corruption other than arrest, prosecute and convict,” he told delegates.

He further urged delegates to elect leadership that sends a clear signal that it is serious about rooting out corruption.