Floyd Shivambu, EFF deputy president has predicted the EFF will be the biggest, or at least the second-biggest, political party in SA next year after the party’s growth in the by-elections held on Wednesday.

This week, 95 wards were up for grabs in the by-elections, none of which were won by the red berets. However, the seven-year-old party showed significant growth as it went from having three seats in Phokwane municipality to five seats and one in Renosterberg. Both municipalities are in the Northern Cape.

Shivambu said this growth places the party on a path to unseating the DA as the official opposition and potentially the ruling ANC, which are the two biggest political parties.

Shivambu tweeted on Thursday – “Come hail, storm, high water or disaster, the EFF will be the biggest or second-biggest political party in SA by this time in 2021. We knocked on the doors of voters and they said come in. We are growing by a minimum 100% compared to 2016 in the majority of wards”.

In another tweet, Shivambu said the party’s growth proves more voters are showing confidence in the EFF.

Shivambu’s tweets received mixed reactions on Twitter, with some agreeing with his prediction while others disputed his claims.