The Democratic Alliance (DA) said it can reveal that the ANC Mayor of Molemole wasted public money to get himself a luxury Mercedes Benz GLE 4×4 costing R1 million.

The DA also disclosed that the blessing was extended to the Molemole Speaker, Mpelege Moreroa who has just taken delivery of another luxury 4×4 costing over R500,000.00.

“Collectively, the obscenely wasteful spending for these two ANC officials totals R1,5 million, which is money that will never make its way to the delivery of services for the people of Molemole.

In a Municipality that spends most of its budget on salaries and only 27% on service delivery, this waste of R1,5 million on luxury cars for politicians is a disgrace. Most of these salaries go to ANC cadres.

National Treasury requires Municipalities to spend upwards of 60% of their budgets on service delivery, but Molemole falls enormously short of this,” stated DA.

The DA urged  Limpopo COGTA MEC Makhurupetje to probe the wasteful expenditure immediately so that the Mayor can be held accountable as soon as possible.

”To make matters worse, the Mayor is about to be assigned a private driver to chauffeur him around in his luxury Mercedes 4×4, all at public expense.

Until the Mayor’s driver is employed, the Mayor is driving himself in the Mercedes 4×4 and using the vehicle for personal use, and parking the luxury vehicle at his own house overnight, which is against the municipal vehicle policy. The policy clearly states that the vehicle must be utilized for municipal purposes and should be parked at the municipal offices at all times if not in use.

To spend over R1.5 million on luxury cars is an insult to the poor communities of Molemole, taking into account the daily struggles for better opportunities facing the community.

Plainly, Molemole is failing in the delivery of services, addressing the drought crisis, improving opportunities and creating jobs…. For an ANC politician to claim a R1 million vehicles from the public purse is unacceptable,” DA further stated.

The DA opposed the decision to buy the cars. Now, the party is demanding of the Mayor and Speaker to return the cars arguing that they’re unnecessary and extravagant.