Amidst crossed fingers; EFF MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has slammed the heated protests which have erupted across the US this week as Americans wait to find out who will be their next president.

Former vice-president Joe Biden is up against incumbent president Donald Trump in the race for The White House, with Biden leading the polls on Friday morning. 270 votes are needed in the state-by-state electoral college vote to win the election.

Several states have yet to declare their full results, leading to anxiety and unrest among some supporters.

According to the New York Post, a “terrifying arsenal of weapons” were confiscated during “ongoing riots and protests” in several major cities. Among the weapons found were a loaded AR-15-style rifle and an improvised explosive device.

Forbes reported that the National Guard was called to Portland, Oregon, to respond to “widespread violence” and riots, where 11 people were arrested. The publication claims protesters were demanding that every vote from the presidential election be counted in full and without interference from Trump.

Ndlozi shared a post reportedly showing that “200 Trump supporters, some armed with AR-15s, surrounded a vote counting site in Arizona”.

According to AJ+, protesters claimed, without evidence, that Maricopa County was not counting votes.

Ndlozi said that if such incidents had happened in Africa, international observers would have declared that the elections were neither free nor fair.

He added “How can you count votes with political parties carrying rifles outside? What if they refuse or refute the outcome?”

He went on to ask if the US army could deploy itself in America to protect the nation.

“In the USA, can the army deploy itself? What if Trump causes the counting to be violently disrupted & allows it, can the army deploy itself to safeguard democracy?”

Ndlozi also mocked Trump’s call to “stop the count”, suggesting that the president may actually be “calling on rascals to disrupt the counting, hoping it will mean a re-vote”.