In a move to show remorse, the Economic Freedom Fighter MP and former spokesperson Dr Mbuyeni Ndlozi, has issued an apology after Twitter erupted over his comments following an altercation between EFF members and an eNCA journalist in Goodwood, Cape Town, last week.

Recall that a journalist, Nobesuthu Hejana, and a camera man were covering the Clicks protests and were chased away by EFF members. In a short clip aired on eNCA, members are seen pushing the journalist during a live crossing. The clip sparked a number of complaints from many quarters, alleging that the action constituted as harassment.

Taking to Twitter, Ndlozi said “But they are telling her that she can be here, but not allowed to talk to EFF members. It means she was trying to interview them I really do not see harassment here. Merely touching her is not harassment. The touch has to be violent, invasive, or harmful to become harassment!”



He went on to say that the pushing of journalists has never been called harassment.

“The Presidential Protection Unit has been pushing journalists since the days of Nelson Mandela. Journalists have never called this harassment; not a single journalist, senior or junior, has ever complained. An unarmed member of the EFF, touches one journalist; you cry Harassment!”

On the long run, on Wednesday, Ndlozi apologised for his earlier sentiments.

He tweeted “When I wrote: “Merely touching her is not Harassment” It was an irresponsible tweet, giving license to the violent treatment of women. It was also hurtful & made many who‘v suffered violence relive this pain. I apologize & receive all the robust rebuke you all gave me with love!