A member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Gauteng Provincial Legislature, MPL Christina Mabala, has been suspended by the speaker of the Provincial Legislature.

Mabala was suspended after she refused to apologize to Gauteng MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza, for dubbing her a “straatmaid” (street maid).

It all began when Gauteng  MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza stood up to answer questions posed to her by EFF MPL Mandisa Mashigo during the sitting.

While Mayathula-Khoza stood to answer Mashigo’s questions, she ordered other EFF members to “shut up” and listen in a bid to ensure serenity in the house.

But the MEC’s order didn’t go down well with other members of the red party, who reacted by shouting and heckling at the Mayathula-Khoza. It was at this point that Mabala dubbed the MEC a straatmeid.

Appalled by the derogatory remark, Speaker Ntombi Mekgwe insisted that there’s no ‘straatmeid’ in the Provincial Legislature. He asserted that everybody that’s in the house is a holding member.

Mekgwe asked Christina Mabala to withdraw the comment, but she and her fellow EFF members vowed they won’t.

The speaker asked security to throw her out, but the EFF rallied all around her, insisting that she will not make a move. The speaker subsequently announced Mabala’s suspension, after the brouhaha had died down.

In many provinces across the country, the EFF takes the lead in matters such as inter-party conflict, fight, argument and all whatnots. In fact, the radical party doesn’t only unleash mayhem on their rivals in Parliament alone, they’ve also taken the ‘madness’ to Provincial Legislature and council sittings.

In September, the EFF clashed with Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba during council sitting after he turned back some aggrieved community member – this incidence was not the first.

Certainly, clashes during metro council sitting are gradually becoming a nightmare to many, especially to city mayors around the country and other concerned citizens. Since the election, opposition groups in many metros have clashed with one another during sittings on a very good number of occasions.