A  group of EFF members went up to the front of the stage holding placards reading “FW de Klerk is a killer“‚ “De Klerk is a serial killer” and “Land our life“. Latest information within our disposal suggest there could be a lawsuit against the unruly conduct.

Just as Neeshan Balton‚ the head of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation‚ was about to deliver his message of support‚ the EFF members told him to get off the stage.

This followed Balton telling them that what they were doing was incorrect.

“I don’t know what actually provoked them. All I said was this is an event hosted by a number of foundations and fundamental to this event is free speech‚” said Balton.

He didn’t agree with the message the EFF was sending‚ saying that former president De Klerk had been invited as a guest speaker.

“While we may not agree with the former president‚ it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t share any public platform in the country and that’s the fundamental point I was going to make at the podium‚” he added.

The proceedings came to an end 30 minutes early because the EFF refused to stop chanting songs or allow people to continue speaking.

The FW de Klerk Foundation was contacted for comment on Friday afternoon‚ but declined to do so.