As the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) celebrates its fourth birthday on Wednesday, its leader Julius Malema said the party has performed beyond his expectations.

The leader of the Red Berets sat down with pressmen  for a wide-ranging interview.

“We’ve done extremely well, beyond the expectations of the leadership. We now have 827 councillors represented in almost 90 percent of the municipalities in South Africa, represented in all provincial legislatures in the national assembly, in the NCOP,” said Malema.

His trademark disruptive style brought a shift in Parliament, with the EFF using the rules to hold the executive to account.

“We’ve identified three spheres where we will wage our struggle from: that will be Parliament, the courts, that will be the streets. That’s where we are waging (our) struggle from and we are doing it very well,” he said.

But, according to Malema, where the rules and what he calls “revolutionary objectives” clash, the rules must take a back seat.

He remains unapologetic for having last year threatened to take up arms and remove President Jacob Zuma by force – a statement that was described as unconstitutional.

“I’m engaged in a struggle to an extent that if the Constitution is not favourable to the revolution then hard luck. We are going to pursue what we think is correct.”