The Economic Freedom Fighters in Johannesburg wants an almost R500,000 annual salary increase granted to mayor Herman Mashaba’s chief of staff to be reversed.

Musa Novela EFF caucus leader raised the matter of Michael Beaumont’s salary increase on Tuesday morning.

Beaumont received the increase, which in terms of the EFF’s calculations amounted to a 38% raise, after the first month of his employment when he was still on probation.

Julius Malema’s party wants Mayor Mashaba to respond immediately to the matter.

“It is ridiculous. Who get’s a 38% salary hike one month into his job while he is on probation,” Novela lamented.

EFF councillors started chanting “pay back the money” in chambers.

According to Novella, the salary increase was an issue of principle because it was a “display of hypocrisy”, after the mayor’s strong stance on corruption.

He said such action was the “practice of the ANC”.