It is not clear whether the furious party man intends to go against the law. In a strange outrage and outburst, the ANC secretary chief said, for the forbidden to happen:

“That will be the worst day of my life when ANC members follow the command of the opposition,” Mantashe said”

As some deeply aggrieved ANC MPs set to turn against their party decision on a vote of no confidence, the ANC has sent its strongest warning yet that it will not tolerate dissent in the motion of no confidence vote against President Jacob Zuma.

He said ANC members that defy the party line lack “organisational discipline”.

For him, “The most important characteristic of organisational discipline, is the ability to suppress your emotional feeling, if you can’t suppress your emotional feeling, we can’t talk organisational discipline of any sorts,” Mantashe said.

He added that there is always space to fight for Zuma to go within the ANC. The party is due to hold its National Executive Committee meeting next week, at which the motion is expected to be debated.

It will be the first NEC since Zuma’s Cabinet reshuffle that saw five ministers lose their positions, including former finance minister Pravin Gordhan, who was replaced by Malusi Gigaba.

In a bid to restore sanity, Mantashe and his deputy Jessie Duarte have already descended on the ANC caucus to warn MPs to follow the party line and vote against the motion or face dire consequences.

Acooordingly, he bellowed that if ANC MPs supported the motion brought forward by the Democratic Alliance and supported by other opposition parties, “it would be the highest betrayal”.

“It would be highest level of ill discipline, the highest level of betrayal, the worst,” Mantashe revealed to the media.

In a different twist, another ANC MP Dr Makhosi Khoza said on her social media space that she will always vote for the ANC’s survival, but not for an “amoral leader”.

“I therefore cannot be expected to vote for an amoral leader whose behavioural practices liquidates the ANC at a speed faster than the spacecraft,” Khoza submitted.

Opposition parties that are a minority in Parliament have also claimed that they have spoken to enough ANC MPs to ensure the success of the motion.