According to DA Limpopo Spokesperson on Health Langa Bodlani, his party have uncovered a shocking condition at the Seshego clinic after an oversight visit to the place.

Below is a press release by the party;

An oversight visit to Seshego Clinic, by a DA delegation yesterday, has uncovered shocking service delivery failures at this clinic.

This visit was prompted by a number of complaints received by DA Coucillor Tiny Chidi after this clinic’s 24 hour service was closed down on 6 January 2017.  This is an extremely concerning development especially for the approximately 25000 people from the surrounding Moletjie and Mashashane villages who also use this clinic, in addition to Seshego’s population.

On 6 January the staff decided that they were left with no choice but to close the clinic and stop it operating on a 24 hour basis.  The nurses have had enough of the unfulfilled promises by the health department.

This is notwithstanding the fact that their grievances have been brought to the attention of the provincial department as far back as 2015.

There are no cleaners and clerks during night shifts compelling the nurses who attend to patients to also do other chores such as cleaning and filing. Cleaners and filing clerks knockoff at 16:30 and there is no one left to do their jobs later.

There are only two professional nurses at the clinic, none with midwifery expertise when pregnant mothers present themselves. There are ten clinical nurses who are divided between day and night shifts and only one of them can perform the termination of pregnancies.  Between the five nurses working on either shift they need to do everything from deliveries to antenatal, which on average are not less than 10 per day. In between these, they also have to deal with other emergencies.

The infrastructure under which they must work is equally appalling. The maternity room is also used as the emergency room so it is not unusual to have a baby birth in the same room as a patient being treated for stab wounds. There are only three post-natal beds and the situation is unbearable when there are more births. The labour room is also interchangeably used as the emergency room.

The nurses who also have to work as clerks at night are not computer literate and it causes total disarray with the patients. There is no single ambulance on site. No back-up generator should the electricity be cut off, which is a frequent occurrence.

Clearly this situation is untenable, especially for the nurses who have to work under these conditions.  It is only when they started closing off the 24 hour service last week that additional security guards were sent to equal the minimum number of three guards per shift that is required by policy.

I am challenging Health MEC Dr Ramathuba to visit this clinic herself and see the deplorable conditions there. She will do this if she is serious about the health care that our people deserve and should receive.