State Security Minister David Mahlobo is reported to have close ties to a rhino horn trafficker in the country.

Guan Jiang Guang, the owner of a massage parlour in Mbombela, shows photographs of himself and the minister.

Guan goes on to say he knows Mahlobo well, and that the minister has been a guest at his home.

The trafficker indicates Minister Mahlobo has visited his massage parlour every week or at least twice a month.

Mahlobo’s office has been unavailable for comment thus far.

The South African National Parks says rhino poaching at the Kruger National Park has increased extensively as poachers want to harvest as much as possible prior to the Christmas period.

At least 18 suspected rhino poachers have been arrested at the park over the past week and seven others were arrested outside the park while attempting to poach rhino.

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