The Youth League of  South Africa’s ruling party (ANC) has warned the parent body to regenerate or die.

The National Working Committee (NWC) of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) asserted that their role is to ensure that the policy conference of the ANC adopts policies that secure a brighter future for the youth of the country.

Noting the “excitement building up to the 2017 ANC 54th National Conference”, the ANCYL NWC expressed that it’s uncool for some senior leaders to declare their availability prior being nominated.

“This kind of conduct is foreign to the movement; leaders are expected to confirm availability after they have been nominated by branches,” wailed the Youth League.

With that, ANCYL called on senior leaders to desist from launching lobby groups to advance their nominations and publicly confirming their availability on the media.

“The power to nominate and elect leadership is fully rested with the branches who will form 90% of conference,” it said.

Also, the ANC Youth League said it is prioritizing principles of leadership over names of leaders. According to them, they will support comrades willing to prioritize the program of radical economic transformation.

“The ANCYL will support leaders who will be committed towards the advancement of Free Quality Education for the poor.

“(We) will only support leaders who will advance the establishment and functionality of the State Bank that will invest in true developmental initiatives of our country.

Thereafter, ANCYL expressed that its’ parent body must regenerate or die.

“The ANCYL believes that what does not re-generate dies as a result the ANC has to regenerate in order to live longer.

The ANCYL believes in the infusion of a Younger Generation of leaders in its leadership collective to ensure the infusion of new ideas into its tactics.

The National Executive Committee of the ANC Youth League will ultimately take the decision on who to support having looked at principles of leadership and promote unity of the ANC.

We will not be forced to become petty and announce names without a framework on what the ANC needs.”

Among other things, ANCYL called on South Africans to protect Lesbians and Gays (LGBT).

“These are fellow Human Beings who must be treated with respect and dignity like all Human Beings and no one has the moral right to speak ill, about them, as it dehumanize them.

“We must also remember that insulting a person is a form of violence. We are aware that discriminatory and derogatory statements that are said about our brothers and sisters often result into violent treatment that they end up being exposed to in township and in their areas of dwelling.

“Let us remember that only God has the right to judge others,” finished the Youth League.