The ruling  African National Congress supporters  in KwazuluNatal  have come out publicly to condemn the recalcitrant and flippant abuse and insults hauled a at the Commander-in-Chief in every given opportunity .  According to a senior party stalwart Fikile Buthelezi:

“we wish to state unequivocally that the incessant assault of president Jacob Zuma is now getting intolerable”

Speaking further, the party faithful noted that in civilised democracies of the world where true democracy holds sway, the sort of pedestrian politics practiced in South Africa where blackmail and calumny is the hallmark, would be discouraged.

However, Buthelezi stated that some political parties were just in the business of desiring political office and given the opportunity to lead would commit the worst blunder possible.  The party man suggested that anyone who was interested in becoming the president of South Africa, should leave Zuma alone and campaign for votes, rather drag the integrity of the nations leader to the mud.

“When people who claim to be true South Africans insult Zuma, they are invariably destroying their country and it’s public image”