The ANC is very much angry with its alliance partner COSATU, following their recommendation to to make Vice President Cyril Ramaphosa the ANC Leader. Its obvious that Cosatu choose to back Ramaphosa over Zuma

According to ANC Spokesperson Zizi Kodwa while addressing journalists yesterday afternoon at St George Hotel in Irene pointed out that the right to elect an ANC leader belongs to only members of the party;

“The right to elect the leadership of the African National Congress including the right to elect its leader‚ is a right reserved for members of the African National Congress‚ the branches of the ANC in good standing‚ and that right is not transferable to the alliance partners; it’s not transferable to the leagues‚ it’s only the for the members of the ANC in old standing‚” He said.

“Sometimes there’s a notion which undermines the efforts of fostering unity … this notion of kingmakers is destroying and undermining the efforts‚” said Kodwa.

“We are not discussing names‚ so officially the ANC has opened the debate of succession. That’s why we find it strange that these premature pronouncements are not helping to contribute against fostering unity.”

One would think that since there is a possible partnership between the two parties, that there wouldn’t be much issues based on a simple recommendation.