An impetuous build up to the ANC convention has sprang up more  surprises, as the Party seems ready to continue it’s frantic leadership streak in South Africa, throwing open the political space for more enchanting  contenders for the top job.

The ANC is to hold its national conference in December where new leadership will be elected.

Yesterday, Phosa used the same language that other politicians use when asked if they were available to take over the ANC reins.

“The ANC process in this matter has not yet opened,” Phosa, the former premier of Mpumalanga, said.

“Once it is opened I will listen to the voices of my fellow comrades and apply my mind.”

This can be interpreted as an indication that Phosa would throw his hat in the ring when the ANC lift its embargo on succession debate later this year.

A video of Phosa receiving prayers from a church outside Queenstown in the Eastern Cape at the weekend to help him in his political ambition to replace his Nemesis, Zuma, has gone viral.

Meanwhile, the Milo Malatjie branch of the ANC in Seshego, outside Polokwane, in Limpopo, is also considering endorsing him for the ANC’s top job.