Embattled African National Congress Western Cape leader Marius Fransman has launched a blistering attack on the party’s secretary general Gwede Mantashe, accusing him of wanting to get rid of him.

In a letter penned to the branch leadership, dated November 6, Fransman alleged that he had been barred from speaking out about issues after he was asked to step down in January pending a disciplinary process following allegations he sexually assaulted his then secretary.

Fransman was accused of sexually assaulting 21-year-old Louisa Wynand while they were travelling from Cape Town to Rustenburg for the party’s 104th anniversary celebrations on January 8.

He resigned as a member of the Western Cape legislature in September and is currently awaiting the outcome of an internal process against him.

Not holding back in the letter, Fransman accused the party of wanting him “taken down” for suggesting that Pres. Zuma should have been removed at the party’s national general council (NGC) last year.



Fransman said he wrote to the national disciplinary committee in October indicating the disciplinary committee process was “nothing but a factional intent to get rid of me, and we requested them to intervene and get the relevant documents to me as the [secretary general] promised. Needless to say, I received no such.”

He questioned why “a certain faction” would go to such great lengths “to get rid of him”.

“Why would such important comrades cling onto a lie of a person that they don’t even know” over the word of “a comrade that served for more than two decades in senior positions, with no wrongful doing in offices, other than the opposition parties accusing him of whatever?”

Fransman said he believes the reason the party has “gone for him” is because he raised certain issues during an NEC meeting in 2015 “where I exposed the Pigalle’s restaurant meeting of August 2015 where business and comrades met and decided that Fransman must be taken down as he is an obstacle towards the 2017 conference. And that President Zuma must go at October NGC 2015”.

Fransman said he also told Mantashe in August 2015 that “the way they’re going about the succession issue is wrong and he must go and engage the president and find coherence and unify all of us”.