The suggestion by the ANC that an amnesty deal should be granted to President Jacob Zuma for the corruption charges against him as this will unify the factionalised party, is outrageous and should be dismissed with the contempt that it deserves.

The DA will continue to fight for President Zuma to have his day in court. No amnesty deal should be granted to the man who – with the help of his party – sold South Africa to the highest bidders.

While the legal battle to hold President Zuma accountable for the 783 charges of corruption, fraud and racketeering against him has been ongoing for close to a decade now, it is still far from over. Mr Zuma has been abusing the court system to delay his inevitable date with the law. He will not succeed.

The ANC has used every opportunity to shield Mr Zuma from accountability and the latest proposed ‘political settlement’ is hardly surprising at all. It is symptomatic of a party that has completely lost its way and too far gone to ever self-correct.

We have filed answering affidavits to Mr Zuma’s appeal against the High Court’s ruling that the NPA’s decision to drop the 700 charges against him was irrational and we will appear again in court on 15 September 2017.

It is outrageous that the ANC is considering amnesty for its leader because they have completely failed to hold him and those politically connected to him, accountable for running this country into the ground. This latest amnesty move proves that the ANC has been complicit in undermining the Constitution and condoning the abuse of power.

Such amnesty will set the precedent that powerful politicians deserve special treatment and will violate a sacred constitutional principle, namely, that all citizens are equal before the law.

The ANC cannot be allowed to continue abusing our democratic institutions to protect one man. ANC factionalism should not be an excuse to subvert the authority of the Constitution. The DA will continue using every legal avenue to protect the Constitution.