The wives of President Zuma have been enjoying some privileges as VIP spouses that most South Africans are not entitled to enjoy.

Ten vehicles worth a total of about R9m were bought for the wives of Pres. Zuma between 2013 and 2016 using the budget of the police department.

The vehicles purchased for Zuma’s wives included Range Rover SUVs, two Land Rover Discovery SUVs and five Audi SUVs and sedans.

A lot of South Africans are critical of the expenditure pointing out that the money could have funded 116 university students for a year, or 38 students for the course of a three-year degree.

It could also have been used to hire an additional 61 police officers for a year or provide jobs for 1315 workers on the expanded public works programme.

The President decided to rather spend this gigantic amount on lavish VIP vehicles for his wives.

South Africa’s economy is in a dire state.

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