Its no longer news that the ANC has been going through a tough time gaining momentum and have lost a very number of its support base. Its also no secret that some members of the party wants the President to resign.

According to Julius Malema who was once a very strong member of the party and even rose to the ranks of been the most outspoken and popular ANC youth league member said that the only person who can bring the party to its former glory is Kgalema Motlanthe.

He said this in a recent interview;

“ANC is dying a slow painful death, and there is nothing they can do to rescue it. The only thing that can rescue (the ANC) is this man – Motlanthe.”

“The ANC would have come back much stronger. Kgalema is a man of integrity, Kgalema is knowledgeable. He listens to the opposition. He said
As surprising as this may sound, he may not be far from the truth. Mr. Motlanthe is a former President who took over after former President Thabo Mbeki resigned back in 2008. And have also served at Zuma’s Deputy President.

Motlanthe announced his resignation from government and parliament on 12 March 2014, alongside outgoing National Planning Minister Trevor Manuel