Despite the differences brewing within the ruling African National Congress, the disagreement eating up the major opposition parties in the land could be all that is needed by the ANC to continue in governance at the centre. Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema’s ultimatum to the Democratic Alliance was clear, get rid of Helen Zille as Western Cape Premier or else.

This was in the wake of her controversial comments on tweet where she praised colonialism

On Tuesday, Zille and the DA announced that they had reached a compromise which will see her step down from the party’s decision-making structures, but she will stay on as premier.

She has also been told to stick to matters of Western Cape government when commenting in public.

“They must be warned and we do so now. You will remain with Western Cape, with Johannesburg, Tshwane and PE gone. Because we’re not going to associate with a party that protects colonialism and apartheid,” Malema said.

“Be warned. We’re not going to vote with a party that loves individuals more than South Africans.”

However the EFF statement following Zille’s apology and removal from party positions, is mum on withdrawing this support in cities like Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay and the DA seems to have called the EFF bluff.

“I don’t prescribe to Mr Malema how he must deal with his party,” said DA Federal Executive chairperson James Selfe.

“He needs to understand that we deal with things in a different way and if he wishes to collapse the governments in Tshwane and Johannesburg and give the municipalities over to the ANC, then I’m afraid he must bear the responsibility for that.”


Just last week, the party demanded that the DA remove Zille or face losing control of municipalities where they govern with the red beret’s voting support.