President Jacob Zuma, this week confirmed the resignation of board chairperson Mbulaheni Maguvhe who had been the public broadcaster’s last remaining non-executive board member, after a string of resignations.

Zuma will wait for the National Assembly to complete its inquiry into the SABC before appointing a new board.

Professor Obert Maguvhe, the last remaining non-executive board member of the SABC resigned earlier this week.

According to a statement issued by The Presidency on Wednesday, the Broadcasting Act of 1998 states that the National Assembly may recommend the dissolution of the board and recommend the appointment of an interim board.

The “Act (also) requires the President to appoint the interim board within 10 days of receiving recommendations from the National Assembly.”

The Presidency said “The President will wait for the National Assembly to conclude its inquiry (first). Any further decision regarding the SABC board will be guided by the recommendations of the National Assembly.”

The President is required to appoint an interim board consisting of three executive members and five non-executive members recommended by the National Assembly.

The interim board is appointed for a period not exceeding six months.