How best to fix the economy was copiously analysed. The South African leader confessed to parliament that even though there is a technical recession, the mining charter is essential to address the imbalances of the past and he says this is not the first time that the economy has been battling.

“The rand has slumped, rating agencies have warned against further downgrades and even the NUM have said they’re considering taking the matter to court. Your own party has said that they did not see this version of the charter that was tabled and therefore request for an explanation.”

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane heavily criticised the charter, saying the President must say whether he supports it.

The president responded: “So the mining has been there for many years, whether there was a recession, it’s not the first time that we have it, the technical one. It has been there, as the economy has been going up and down. So there’s nothing new, and we couldn’t wait because we have said ‘what can we do to boost the economy?’”

Zuma also says the history of the country is also responsible for unemployment and the battling economy.

“We know what we are dealing with, I’m sure our diagnosis of the South African history is not the same and that’s why you ask questions from a different kind of an angle.”