Elections in neighbouring country Zimbabwe are underway and thousands of people lined up the streets to cast their votes for the first time without Robert Mugabe’s name on the ballot paper.

Mugabe was ousted in what many termed a ‘soft coup’ in 2017. Then deputy president Emmerson Mnangagwa ascended to power in the interim.

Mnangagwa who is the presidential candidate for ruling party Zanu PF could not get an endorsement from Mugabe who opted to endorse Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Nelson Chamisa.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has reported Chamisa to the police for holding a press in the eleventh hour before the elections began.

“Chamisa was not campaigning. He didn’t hold a rally. It was an indoor closed conference at a hotel just as Mnangagwa did his recordings of his last message at a secluded area.”

“We have said it before, ZEC is not an independent organisation. It is an extension of Zanu PF. It is an extension of the regime and it is being used by the CIO and the people that are against Nelson Chamisa.”

Komichi says Zimbabwe is no longer the same. Previously, the Zanu PF had their strongholds in the rural areas but Komichi says that is where the MDC alliance now has more support.

“The man who was causing a lot of problems in the rural areas was Mugabe. He was abusing people and killing them. At the moment the people in the rural areas are excited about a change.’

Meanwhile, political commentator and former finance minister in Zimbabwe Tendai Biti says these elections are not credible and they are chaotic.

“We are in these elections and we can’t analyse the voters roll. We don’t have access to the ballot paper. We don’t know the security features so there is not credit that will go to Emmerson Mnangagwa.”

“Emmerson Mnangagwa is unelectable. He can’t win and we can’t accept a Zanu PF win because it will be a fake victory. We won’t accept rubbish.”