Minister of Higher Education and Training and also South African Communist Party General Secretary Blade Nzimande has launched a devastating attack on the rich Gupta family.

The minister has lashed out at the controversial Gupta family‚ labelling them a threat to the ANC and the entire South Africa.

Speaking at the 6th Central Committee of the Congress of South African Trade Unions in Pretoria on Monday‚ Nzimande accused the Gupta family of interfering in South Africa‚ using certain members of the ANC and government officials to push their interests and agendas.

Minister Blade said that the most immediate threats facing our liberation are the parasitic networks that have a say in the state and our economy‚ at the centre of which is the Gupta family‚ which is working with some of the most senior comrades in our movement and the state.

He said he does not understand what made the Gupta family to leave their own country of origin and try to take a country that belongs to other people and even worse try to take their wealth and economy; and then we are told they are fighting white monopoly capital.

Minister Blade went on to say that those speaking against the manner in which the Guptas had an influence on the state would not be blackmailed.

He said South Africans should say no to Guptarisation of our economy and the state or any other form of capture.

He urged citizens to speak the truth and not to be greedy for positions.

Nzimande said he will never be scared when speaking out about matters concerning the ANC and the country because it belonged to South Africans and not certain individuals.

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