The Indian-migrants Gupta family voted in typical Gupta style in the August municipal elections. They  arrived in three luxury vehicles with three bodyguards in tow at the voting station in Saxonwold.

They voted at Saxonwold Primary and most of them wore ANC T-shirts.

“They were a group of about ten people and arrived at 12:00 in three black SUVs and a black Mini Cooper,” said one of the voters.

One of their security staff arrived first to scan the venue.

When the first SUV pulled up, a police officer shouted: “Ooh! Here come the Guptas!”

“At first, I didn’t understand what he meant, but then I saw the huge vehicles pull up,” the voter said.

When they got out, they looked like “regular people” dressed in tracksuit pants, jeans, T-shirts and flip flops.


The three guards accompanied them to the voting station.

“They were greeted by the ANC ward councillor and other ANC members shook their hands. They had a nice chat.”

The voter said they were given special treatment by IEC staff. “They did not queue like everyone else.”

After voting, they re-joined the ANC members, and one of them shouted “Amandla” before they left.

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