While Mzansi remembers the tragic death of iconic footballer Senzo Meyiwa today, his father Sam Meyiwa has reportedly decided to get justice for his death by any means possible.

Apparently, the devastated father is tired of waiting for police to make an arrest on his son’s killers. Thus, he has decided to take “the African route to get justice”.

Senzo’s Dad Sam Meyiwa said he will turns to Sangomas to deal with his killers.

On the second anniversary of his son’s death, Sam Meyiwa revealed to a local publication that he knows who killed Senzo. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t reveal any details in the media. According to Sam, his son had been visiting him in dreams over the last few months. This was the means through which he revealed to Sam who his killer is.

“He indicates to me who killed him,” Sam said.

He added that he has told police about the dreams but they have not made any move to arrest the man.

“I told the cops what my son shows me in my dreams and what the sangomas have told me. The cops know who the killer is. If they don’t act, I will do it in my way,” Sam declared.

Moreover, he confirmed that he has already consulted some capable sangomas who will get justice for him.

“I am in contact with strong sangomas who will deal with the killer of my son. I have waited patiently to hear that cops have arrested the suspect but I have not heard any word from them.”

Sam also called on Kelly Khumalo (Senzo’s partner), who was a witness to the murder to come clean on what happened.

“He died in Kelly’s arms at their house and I expect her to know and tell the truth,” Sam said.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Kelly told Anele Mdoda on Real Talk show, that she wants to tell the nation what happened.

“Dude, if you ask me, the investigation thing is driving me crazy, because people want to know and I want to get this out of my system and move on with my life… At the end of the day, I’m one person who wants people or even the country to know what happened,” she said.

In other words, she has something to say but can’t say it just yet.