Minister of Social Development Bathabile Dlamini .

While 8.3 million South Africans are currently unemployed, with many daily battling poverty, ANC’s Minister Bathabile Dhlamini spent R1 million each month on first class travel, lodging in 5 star hotels.

According to the Shadow Deputy Minister of Social Development, Lindy Wilson “the Department of Social Development has become the Department of Smallanyana Skeletons, and it has come at a cost to the poorest of the poor in South Africa.”


She alleged that Minister Dhlamini was in New York for an extended visit last year where she and other Cabinet Members lodged in 5 Star hotels.

On one occasion, other members of South African delegations were forced to sit outside a hall for over an hour, while the Minister and her friends feasted on caviar and very expensive whiskey as South Africa’s poor sat home and suffered.

Wilson lamented that the Ministry spent R12 million on travel last year. That equates to R1 million per month. (And,) the Minister has not responded to written questions, posed by both the DA and other Parties, for an explanation of these costs.”

“Delegates were flown from Johannesburg and Cape Town to the NGO summit in November last year. Flights from Johannesburg to Durban, which can be purchased from as low as R500 to R1000, cost R8000 per ticket.

Over 96 million was spent on local travel in this Ministry. This is the equivalent of R8 million a month or R270 000 per day,” the Shadow Deputy Minister further stated.

Wilson stressed that it’s unfathomable for R1 million to be spent each month on first class travel and the luxury of living in 5 star hotels while the country suffers economic crisis with the rural poor unable to survive.

“When the people of the Eastern Cape come out and say ‘enough Minister enough’, the Minister cried. Well, the Minister has ignored the rivers of tears of the suffering poor.