Musina’s Home Affairs Office at Beitbridge port of entry has been exposed as a bogus office which was established and operated by a Zimbabwean.

SAPS related that the bogus Musina’s Home Affairs Office owner, Duncan Danda (29) has been sentenced.

The Hawks in Limpopo welcomed the sentencing of the Zimbabwean national, SAPS divulged that Duncan Danda was found guilty by the Musina Magistrate Court for operating the bogus Home Affairs Office.

The Musina Magistrate Court rule follows Danda’s arrest by Hawks’ Organised Crime Unit on the 4th of January 2017.

He was arrested after Hawks learnt about his illicit business. And, was found in possession of Home Affairs immigration stamps and an undisclosed amount of US dollars.

It is believed that the US dollars was paid to him by foreign nationals in return of his dubious services.

The 29-year-old Zimbabwean national was convicted and sentenced as follows:

  • Count 1 – Contravention of Immigration Act he was sentenced to six years Imprisonment and suspended for five years.
  • Count 2- Contravention of Immigration Act he was fined ten thousand rand or one year imprisonment.

SAPS expressed that the sentence will serve as a deterrent to people like Danda who do not respect the laws of the country.

According to the threatening message which went viral, some South Africans are set to protest against the influx of foreign nationals taking their jobs come 24th February.

EFF reacted to the possible xenophobic tension building up in its’ name, and expressed that the city of Johannesburg and the whole of South Africa belongs to all Africans.

“The EFF rejects the statement that calls for the removal of foreign nationals from the city of Johannesburg released under the name of the EFF.

“The statement calls for the ostracism of foreign nationals is not only fake but is contradicts everything EFF stands for. We call on members of the EFF and the entire society to be careful of fake accounts and fake news.

“Both Twitter and Facebook accounts of the EFF have been authenticated. EFF statements are therefore released to the public through these outlets together with the official EFF website,” stated the Fighters.