A lot has been said about Winnie Madikizela-Mandela but the latest revelations about her will surely baffle you.

Mama Winnie as she is popularly known is a South African activist and politician who has held several government positions and headed the African National Congress Women’s League.

She is a member of the ANC’s National Executive Committee.

The photo above is the house struggle icon Winnie Madikizela-Mandela lived in for eight years. A breeze wafts through a broken window and over grimy floors cluttered with used condoms, empty bottles and other junk.

The building is located at house number 802 in Majwemasweu township outside Brandfort, the small Free State.

It was in this house that the apartheid government banished her in 1977.

She slept, cooked and wrote letters to her then husband, Nelson Mandela from this house.

Outside the main house stands a rusty, framed structure, once a clinic and community centre that Madikizela Mandela established, but that was bombed by apartheid security forces in 1985.

The building remains abandoned with patched walls and eroded memories, a sore reminder of an illustrious legacy of the woman locals still fondly call Mama Winnie.

Locals say the house went from being a symbol of hope to one synonymous with all manner of social ills: one in which women are raped, where adulterous quickies take place and drug users hide out.

Inside the building, the floors – strewn with broken booze bottles, used condoms and wrappers, matchboxes, marijuana joints and old clothing – bear testimony to what happens here in the dark.

The building is supposed to be a museum to portray Mama Winnie’s legacy but what have become of it is really shocking.