A new study by research giant Ipsos has revealed what worries the people of the world the most .

The survey results were drawn from responses by people aged between 16 and 64 years old across the world. The South African results used the insights of over 500 citizens. However respondents needed an internet connection – meaning that for the SA results, the views reflected come from the connected middle class and more affluent citizens.

So what are their biggest worries when it comes to the country?

Most respondents said that financial and political corruption was a top concern in SA, with 67% of participants highlighting the issue.

Meanwhile 58% highlighted unemployment and 53% named crime and violence as a major worry.

These results are not too far off from the worries of poorer South Africans.

“Looking again at results from our Khayabus (large-scale omnibus) study, we see that the general South African population is more worried about unemployment, although the issue of corruption also looms very large in their list of worries”, Ipsos Public Affairs head Mari Harris said.

South Africans across all classes are also concerned about the direction the country is going in.

“Although the online population are even more despondent about the direction of the country than the general population, the trend is going in the same direction – South Africans have moved from optimism to pessimism, especially over the last year or so,” Harris said.

“We can see the effect of this despondency in the unrest in the country, both in terms of service delivery protests and the issues in higher education and the results of the recent local government elections. Trust in the government and in the president is at an all-time low.”

Other worries of South Africans include poverty, education and taxes. We however do not seem to care much about things like childhood obesity.

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