There is hardly any week that passes by without  South Africa recording incidence of violence and destruction perpetuated by blacks, Mr Lekota observed while addressing foreign journalist about the debilitating situation in the country.

With his open resistance of  land expropriation without compensation and the  proposal undergoing legislative debate and public hearing as well as his previous resort to  legal alternative to ensure that the attempt to strip white people of their land without compensation does not take place, Lekota has written reputable International organisations to urgently visit South Africa and assess the situation and not rely on the government of the day for information.

According to the dogged leader, all measures must be explored to stop the defiant means by which some people want to disinherit others of their legitimate property and set a negative precedence in the country.

Enraged Lekota has voiced out his disappointment towards behaviour of blacks in South Africa.

‘If black South Africans continue burning stuff and killing whites the way they do, South Africa will be designated a Wildlife Zone with no people by 2025’

According to Lekota, there is always something reflecting the dominant violence in the country.

This barbaric actions stems mainly from anger  amongst other issues.

These people have burnt the future of a bright child, they’ve burnt somebody’s transport, they’ve burnt somebody’s dignified shelter. They’ve stolen the legitimate and clean income of certain individuals.

Bringing the country to a standstill disrupt’s business and our already fragile economy.