Reacting to the release of the controversial report on state capture, South Africa’s wealthy Indian immigrant family, the Guptas say they are not implicated in the report.

The family lawyer Gert van der Merwe noted this in a brief media chat on the matter.

According to him, the family doesn’t feel they have been implicated in any wrongdoing as the report has no conclusion and only recommends there be a commission of inquiry, which will give his clients a chance to clear their name.

The wealthy family say they will not challenge the report but welcome the idea of a commission of inquiry, who seem excited by the release of the report even as they reiterate it is “looking forward” to submitting their side to an impartial judge.

“We welcome Madonsela’s report. She did good work. It is a body of evidence she collected. It makes no findings against my clients, for good reason. She rightly steered away from making findings against my clients, she did not hear our version.

“Now we look forward to work with a judge on this, we won’t have to struggle with someone inexperienced in law of evidence.

“I’ve seen Vytjie Mentor’s affidavit. It is questionable. There are pieces scratched out, pieces rewritten, and some scratched out again. I’m looking forward to questioning it. And so we will question every detail, Mcebisi Jonas’ version, the Eskom deals, everything,” Gert van der Merwe of the Guptas said.