South Africa is under some sort of political tension with many calling for the resignation of President Jacob Zuma. Crime rate in the country is gradually getting out of hand as we wake up to one sad news or the other almost every day. The last thing the country needs now is a terrorist attack.

Following an issue of a warning by the US Embassy that terrorists might attack South Africa come June, it is alleged that the Nigerian famous prophet and the founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) Prophet T B Joshua has made a shocking prophecy about South Africa.

Prophet T B Joshua is known for his accurate (sometimes) predictions and prophecies on the state of Nations. T B Joshua revealed on a live evening service that South Africa has to tighten up their state security or risk being attacked by terrorists.

”Let’s all raise our hands towards the South, Let us say a word of Prayer for South Africa and their president who is having a  difficult time, I am seeing a dark cloud looming over the nation. They have to tighten up their security because terrorist attacks are being planned against the country”

”The security agencies need to take care of even the smallest details, secure all border, all ports and most importantly the airports” said prophet T B Joshua.

Some media reports have it the the attacks could be politically motivated. Some media reports are saying that places like Cape Town, Durban, East London and Joburg are top targets as they as seen as ports of entry to the country.

In a different development, a letter bomb, apparently inscribed with the words “get well soon mom” exploded at a house in Musgrave.

Information released to Rescue Care paramedics revealed that five people were injured and rushed to hospital.

SAPS officials, including members of the bomb squad descended on the scene.

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