A lot of young men and women now apply all sorts of dangerous chemical component on their lips for tender, soft and pink lips.


These people try to enhance the colour of their lips in an attempt to beautify themselves.

This article has nothing to do with lipstick and other healthy ointment that protects the lips of women and other users, for which purpose is to glow the lips.

A recent research in University of South Africa (Unisa) has already presented the risk and some cases of diminishing the protective layer of the lip, happening to some men and celebrities who are desperate to change their original lips to be as tender as that of newly born babies.


According to the reports from Unisa which has been forwarded to World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 123 people in are already affected by the high potency of the chemical which they expose their lips to.

Researchers wondered why more men and women are taking to such dangerous lifestyle of mutilating the foreskin of their lips.


The research warns that the resultant effect of these application is a disease condition referred to as lip-blight.

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