There is a post that has gone viral on social media. The article is a must read to all concerned citizens, especially those with children and nannies.

The Article is warning the general public to be very careful when employing nannies.

Recently in SA, some men now disguise themselves and dress like women when seeking nanny jobs. The get to deceive their bosses in hiring them, believing they are woman.

Instead of taking care of the babies, they abuse, corrupt, molest and rape the kids. They are not doing the nanny job for financial gains, they only do this to help themselves out with the kids.

Most of the kids are not old enough to talk so they can’t express their misery.

A facebook user, Thato Mokhonoana posted ;

”Ladies watch out the nannies we employ…. this man was working as a nanny and used to rape the kids…he was caught red handed,” she posted.

A Northern Ndebele man has been caught red handed in the act. The man disguised himself as a woman, got a nanny job, and he molests the kids on a regular basis when their parents step out.

He is now in police custody. He confessed that he he and his friends have been doing this for more than 5years now and at some point, the kids turn out to be enjoying themselves.

Mokhonoana hereby urge SA to bring this to the notice of everyone by sharing this for she believes that information is power.

Below is a picture of the arrested disguised nanny caught in the act. NB; Graphic Image. 18+

Imagine that on your child? You don’t wanna see that.