Rape in South Africa is becoming more like a tradition. We wake up almost everyday to a sad news of assault on women or rape and very few get arrested.

A Durban girl has revealed how she was gang raped , infected with AIDS and no one did anything. She said she is giving “back to the community what they gave to her”

Known as the Queen of the beach, the 21 year old girl  claims to have infected more than 120 men at Durban. She said that she was gang rapped when she was 16.

She said she has been busy sharing the sickness amongst men for almost five years now.

Narrating her story and how she infect men, she showed no remorse nor pity.

”When i was 16, my life was taken away from me, my world crumbled, the men who were supposed to protect me killed me. I was gang rapped in Newcastle and got infected with HIV, i never received any counselling and the perpetrators were never arrested.

”Since then my life has been bitter about what happened to me, so i decided to dedicate my life in infecting the people who infected me.

” South African men are cowards, they rape and abuse their women, they raped me and gave me AIDS so i am just doing them a favour, i am giving back what they gave me. I don’t intend to stop that’s why i came to this place where i know lose men are quickly available.

”Me can not resist my body and that’s my main tool, some i make them pay but most of them i give them AIDS and they leave.I will not stop till i die she concluded.

As shown by the above photo, the girl is always flaunting her body and Durban beaches looking to lure men to herself and infect them.

Our own Trevor Noah has taken to social media to warn all concerned citizens about this latest development.

He posted;

He advised men to stop abusing woman and they should take note of this issue.

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