As the President nears the end of his second tenure as president of the Republic Of South Africa, we take a look at some of his outstanding performances for the country.

While there has been much focus on the scandals that have dogged his tenure, his midnight cabinet reshuffle and his connection to the rich controversial Gupta family, we must not ignore what the president has done for us.

Here are top places the President has excelled.

8. Tourism is growing at a steady pace throughout President Jacob Zuma’s second term

Tourism arrivals were at an annual 8.9 million in 2015 and 9.7 in 2016. This is due to the fact that South Africa is regarded as a rainbow nation.

Chinese inbound tourism is a particularly good story as it grew 85% to 7,902 arrivals in 2015, and lifted another 56% between January and October 2016.

7. Infrastructure.

President Zuma has spent more than any other president on infrastructure.

6. Youth employment incentive.

A new youth employment incentive has put many young people in work by attaching a tax incentive to employing the young. There are still an estimated three million young people of working age out of work.

The latest figures show employers claimed between R6.3 billion between January 2014 and February 2016 as part of the incentive. This supported 15% of the jobs created at that time for young people between the ages of 18 and 29 years old.

5. Square Kilometre Array telescope

In Carnarvon, the building of the Square Kilometre Array telescope is opening up the skies from an African vantage. In addition, local science and technology skills are growing.

4. Strategic Policy Initiative.

He initiated the first long-term strategic policy initiative(the NDP).

3. Solar geysers

While we fight about nuclear, a solar plan to install geysers in low-cost housing areas is a sunny point in SA’s energy policy. The government has committed to installing one million solar geysers and it is currently at 500,000 installations, according to the latest State of the Nation Address.

2. ARV treatment

His administration has implemented the most effective plan to combat HIV, going beyond ARV’s to primary care, TB management, expanded ARV rollout (the fact of access was initially forced but the way access has been improved shows genuine political will to solve the problem.)

1. Fuel pipeline

It may be hectically expensive, but our fuel now moves much more quickly with the completion of a 700 km pipeline from Durban to Gauteng.