Top six SA most liked and disliked politicians.

Top six SA most liked and disliked politicians.

There are a lot of rich, hard working, gooding looking and promising politicians in South Africa. Here is a Top Six list of the most liked and most disliked amongst them.

Most liked.

3. Fikile Mbalula. 

Mbalula is the Minister of Sport and Recreation in the Cabinet of South Africa.

He is a former deputy minister of police, a member of the national executive committee of the African National Congress and former leader of the African National Congress Youth League.

In the 2009 general elections he was the manager of the ANC election campaign, which was considered highly successful.

Mbalula is mostly loved for his dedicated hard work during his time as Deputy minister of police. As a Sports and Recreational minister, he has taken South Africa to great heights.

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2. Solly Msimanga.

Msimanga (born 16 July 1980) is a South African politician. After the Democratic Alliance’s victory in Tshwane in the 2016 election, Msimanga was elected mayor by Tshwane City Council.

Here comes few facts that has made him really popular amongst most South Africans:

  • Msimanga said the days of government officials crisscrossing the capital city with police escorts flashing blue lights are over. ”Blue lights will be a thing of the past in this city.  The only person allowed to have blue lights will be the president of the country and nobody else. Gone are the days where elected public officials think they are VIPs. The VIPs in this city will be the residents,” ”Every other person will wait in traffic and observe traffic lights as normal citizens do”he said.
  • The Mayor noted he would put an immediate stop to all purchasing or leasing of luxury cars for politicians, including himself. “I will not allow public money to be spent on luxury cars, while our people struggle for services, houses and jobs”. “No more luxury cars will be bought or leased under my government. A Hyundai i20 or Toyota Corolla can do the same job for a politician as an expensive sedan.”he added.
  • He put a moratorium on all international travel for politicians and officials of the metro, saying those looking to go on trips should submit applications to the mayoral committee for cost-benefit analysis, with each request treated on its merits.
  • Msimanga put a stop to all inaugural parties and catered inaugural events for Tshwane’s new executive, including celebratory dinners and lunches which he said only benefited politicians and not the public. “This new government in Tshwane has stopped the spending of exorbitant amounts on food and parties for politicians. We must serve the people‚ not party with public funds‚” he said.
  • He says he is determined to bring to book those responsible for creating what he calls “Nkandla 2.0”, referring to wasteful expenditure on renovations of the Pretoria City Hall. “It’s quite shocking that R90m was spent. We have nothing but another version of the Nkandla debacle where money has been spent, but when you look at what has happened, it’s actually a shame,” he said.

All these and many other things he has achieved in his short term in office has made him popular amongst most South Africans.

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1. Mmusi Maimane.

Maimane is a South African politician, the leader of South Africa’s opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) political party since 10 May 2015. He is the former leader of the DA in the Johannesburg City Council and the former DA National Spokesperson.

Under his leadership, the DA has attained great heights. The local government elections is a typical example.

Many South Africans, irrespective of party affiliation see him as a promising South African leader. DA’s growth under his watch has made him popular amongst most South Africans.

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Most disliked SA Politicians.

3. Blade Nzimande.

Dr Nzimande (born 14 April 1958) is a South African politician who has been Minister for Higher Education and Training since 2009. He has been the General Secretary of the South African Communist Party since 1998. He has a doctorate degree in philosophy specialising in sociology.

After announcing that universities in the country can increase fees for 2017 but they must not exceed 8%, he has fallen out with many South Africans. Students have refused to stop their protests, the government refused to hear their demands. This has brought chaos to the country. This has also made Nzimande a very disliked politician in the country.

hAlso, He came out strongly against proposals for nationalisation at the COSATU conference in June 2011, stating that it is not “inherently progressive” as it depended on which class interests were being advanced.

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2. Julius Malema.

Malema is the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a South African political party, which he founded in July 2013. He previously served as President of the African National Congress Youth League from 2008 to 2012.

Less favourable portraits paint him as a “reckless populist” with the potential to destabilise South Africa and to spark racial conflict.

Many South Africans see him as a racist. He was convicted of hate speech in March 2010 and again in September 2011. He said “South Africa is for blacks only”.

Many also see him as a dictator for he has the likes of Pres. Robert Mugabe as Mentors.

Juju has made headlines for the wrong reasons many times, such as :

  • Being called a political Judas when he bailed on ANC.
  • Faced charges of fraud and money laundering.
  •  Nigerian visit to ‘Prophet’ T.B. Joshua for ‘spiritual blessings‘.
  • The Nedbank controversy.
  • Tax evasion charges.
  • Hate speech conviction.
  • Abuse of BBC journalist.
  • His HIV status.
  • Debt owed to SARS and many more other things.

All this made many South Africans not to like Juju so much.

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1.Jacob zuma.

Pres. Jacob Zuma needs no introduction in South African politics so i will go ahead and out line reasons why many South Africans dislike him. The reasons are as follows :

  • Pres. Zuma had no formal education. As a child, his father, a policeman, died at the end of World-War II when Zuma was five years old. After his father’s death, his mother took up employment as a domestic worker. Consequently he had no form of education as he had to support his mother. He taught himself to read and write Zulu in the bush. Be that as it may, it did not stop him from learning other languages. Other than Zulu, he speaks French, Russian, Portuguese, Swahili and Xhosa fluently.
  • He was imprisoned on Robben Island for 10 years. In 1963, Zuma was arrested along with 45 recruits of the ANC. They were convicted of conspiring to overthrow the apartheid government and were consequently sentenced to serve time on Robben Island along with Nelson Mandela and other prominent ANC leaders.
  • He was plagued by corruption and rape allegations. In 1999, while he was Executive Deputy President of South Africa. He faced corruption charges for an alleged mismanagement of 29 million rand that was said to have been used for strategic arms such as planes, boats, submarines and helicopters. The charges were later dropped in 2003. He was however placed in the lime light again after his financial advisor was convicted of corruption, financial irregularities and fraud.
  • He once faced rape charges in 2005 after a woman who recently died claimed that he raped her in his home. After pleading guilty, he stood trial. It was during this period that he was criticized for his ignorance about HIV/AIDS after he claimed that he had a shower after having unprotected sex with his accuser, so that he could avoid contracting the disease. The judge eventually acquitted Pres. Jacob Zuma of the charges. His corruption charges were also later thrown out of court.

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  • Pres. Zuma has been accused of allegedly allowing the Gupta family to influence his appointment of cabinet ministers and heads of state-owned entities.  That is the third time he is breaching the executive code of conduct.  If he had received any gifts from the Gupta brothers.
  • His lieutenants went on the attack. The Hawks went after Finance minister Pravin Gordhan. The Hawks are believed to be acting on his directives.
  • Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane went after the banks for daring to drop the Guptas. The minister was not acting on his own.
  • Despite a Net loss rise of R1b by SAA, Dudu Myeni was still re-appointed as SAA chair person.
  • Despite Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) ruling against the appointment of Mr Hlaudi Motsoeneng at SABC, the presidency has not done anything as he still run things at SABC.



  • President Jacob Zuma raised the R7.8 million to pay for the upgrades to his Nkandla homestead through a home loan, the presidency said.
  • There is an ongoing decision-making on the plan to build 9,600MW of nuclear capacity. Pres. Zuma has made it a top priority. These would cost South Africa Billions of Rand. There are other sectors that need the money than building a nuclear plant.
  • Minister of Higher Education and Training Blade Nzimande says universities in the country can increase fees for 2017 but they must not exceed 8%. Despite protests from students, the president has done nothing to address this.
  • The recently concluded local government election shows how ANC is losing supporters under Pres Zuma’s watch and he is being blamed for the party’s decline.
  • The President promised the country  Water, Education, Justice, Energy, Women’s health, Jobs, Reduced crime, Agriculture, good economy and scrutinised illegal immigrants. He is yet to fulfil any of the above mentioned promises.
  • Pres. Zuma flew to China for G20 summit on an Angolan private jet registered in Aruba, a Dutch island in the Caribbean Sea, and manned by a Portuguese crew while Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan flew commercially. Both were at the expense of taxpayers money.

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  • Under his leadership, South Africa has witnessed the lowest level of economy. The standard of living is too low amongst the average, the dollar outweighs the Rand, people are complaining of hardship etc.
  • Many have called on president Zuma to step down so that a more capable hand will take over and bring the country back to its former glory.

With all those above mentioned facts, many South Africans are no longer fans of president Jacob Zuma and his ANC led government.

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