Cheating has been one of the main reasons married couples break up. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how rich or beautiful or handsome you are. You still stand in danger of your spouse cheating on you.

One would think that being the president of a country would make one immune to the pain of heartbreak as the first lady is bound to see her husband as the ultimate alpha male. Not so with these African kings and presidents as we outline the top five African presidents whose wives cheated on them.

These first ladies caught cheating blamed their infidelity on being lonely, feeling neglected and  even feeling s*x starved on several occasions.

So they resorted to sniffing out other men to help warm their beds.

Here is the top five countdown :

5. Nothando Dube.


Nothando Dube and King Mswati III.

First on the countdown is the lovely queen of Swaziland, Nothando Dube. She was the twelfth wife of King Mswati III.

News about the alleged sex scandal involving Swazi King Mswati III twelfth wife, Nothando Dube, with the country’s Justice Minister, Ndumiso Mamba,  hit the headlines across the world.

Despite the scandal, “LaDube”, as she is famously known in Swaziland, is not alone in this. In 2004, two of Mswati’s wives — Delisa Magwaza (LaMagwaza) and Putsoana Hwala (LaHwala) left the royal kraal following infidelity allegations.

King Mswati has 13 wives; so one may ponder how the Royal Swazi intends to satisfy all of them equally.

4. Vera Chiluba.


Vera Chiluba and Frederick Chiluba

These series of disloyalties in the southern countries of Africa can’t be finished without mentioning Zambia’s previous first lady, Vera Chiluba.

She was accused of having had a romantic relationship with a prominent businessperson, Archie Mactribouy, leading to her divorce.

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3. Grace Mugabe.


Grace Mugabe and Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace Mugabe has been cheating on her husband on a secret affair with Zimbabwe Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono who is also a top confidante of the president for the past fifteen years.

The 50-year old Grace who is 41 years more youthful than Mugabe once filled in as his secretary before getting into a marriage with him. While Grace was still married to her husband, Stanley Gorerazashe went on to have two children with Mugabe and named one Bona, after Mugabe’s mother, and the other Robert Peter, Jr.

Grace, who is popularly known as “Dis Grace” in Zimbabwe, allegedly met with Gono  as frequently as three times each month either at her dairy ranch or at inns in neighboring South Africa.

Mugabe’s younger sister on her deathbed said, had cautioned Pres. Mugabe that he was being double-crossed by Mr. Gono and his wife, Grace.

Mugabe, desperate to keep the discovery of his wife’s affair a secret, had senior police magistrate Cain Chademana, and the bodyguard at his sister’s deathbed, murdered in August in an attempt to cover up the spread of the information.

The First lady was also rumoured to be having a secret canoodling with, one Peter Pamire, who passed on in a mysterious auto collision and another, James Makamba who took a French leave from the nation.

Senator Gono, is presently leaving in apprehension as it is said, ‘once he (Mugabe) hear something to that effect, I think somebody will go to meet God,’ a Zimbabwean insight authority was cited as saying.

Mugabe’s and Grace’s  relationship, in itself was founded on infidelity. When Mugabe was married to former wife Sally who died in 1992, Grace already had two children in a different wedlock with an air force officer.

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2. Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma.


Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma and Jacob Zuma

Next on the list is South Africa’s first lady, Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma.

This second wife of President Jacob Zuma, was said to be pregnant with Mr Zuma’s 21st kid, yet the assertions of infidelity brought up issues over the child’s paternity.

South Africa is another nation that has had its fair share of s*x scandals too! Apart from President Zuma’s love of skirts, his second wife Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma reportedly had a steamy affair with her bodyguard Phinda Thomo, who later on committed suicide.

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1.Winnie Madikizela Mandela.


Winnie Madikizela Mandela and Nelson Mandela

South Africa seems to be a country froth with unfaithful first ladies.

Last on the list is the late Nelson Mandela‘s ex wife, Winnie Madikizela Mandela.

Mama Winnie supposedly had an affair with Dali Mpofu, her agent in the African National Congress (ANC) social welfare office.

For quite a while Winnie was Nelson Mandela’s blind side. Through Winnie’s trial he remained by her.

It wasn’t as though she had pulled out all the stops to shroud what was going on. She delegated Mpofu her appointee in the ANC’s social welfare office. She also ventured out with him to the United States, flying by Concorde from London, and staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Right on time in 1992, Winnie discovered that Mpofu was involved in extramarital entanglements with another lady. On 17 March that year, she kept in touch with him through a letter, later distributed by the Johannesburg Sunday Times. “You’re circling fucking at the smallest enthusiastic reason,” she composed. “The way that I haven’t been identifying with Tata [Nelson Mandela] for five months now over you is no more your worry. I continue to let you know the circumstance is breaking down at home. You are not troubled in light of the fact that you are fulfilling yourself consistently with a lady. I won’t be your ridiculous imbecile, Dali.”

After a month, in April 1992, the ANC let go her from the welfare post and Mr Mandela reported that the marriage was over.

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