Fikile Mbalula, Minister of Sport and Recreation  has opened up about one of the biggest challenges that he has ever had to face: being embroiled in a mammoth sex scandal.

In 2011 reports had it that the minister‚ a married father of two‚ had a brief tryst with Joyce Omphemetse Molamu‚ a North West model‚ after a function in Houghton.


Joyce Omphemetse Molamu.

That evening he accompanied Molamu to a Johannesburg apartment where the first of two alleged sexual encounters took place‚ according to reports.

The Minister initially denied the affair through his lawyers but made a dramatic u-turn when he apologised for bedding the model and went on to  accuse the woman of trying to extort money from him in return for her silence.

Mbalula  clarified that Molamu was not his girlfriend at the time.

“It is always reported that she is my girlfriend. You know a girlfriend? It is someone who is steady‚ you go out with‚ you go to the movies‚ and even if you cheat‚ you are always loyal to her. And then you get caught‚” he said.

He further revealed that his encounter with Joyce was a “one-night stand” and that he still regrets it.

“This thing was a one-night stand‚ and it happened just like that. It so happens that I regret that‚” he explained.

“And I wanted to defend myself against it‚ and somebody said to me (ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe)…’If you have done something wrong‚ just admit‚ and apologise‚ because you’ve done something wrong. You’re a married man.”

It was only after receiving this advice from Mantashe that he decided to own up to his actions and apologise. He claimed that he bought his wife a diamond to say sorry.

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